Make your own hair detangling spray with just three ingredients!

DIY Hair Detangling Spray

Since her hair has been long enough to get knotted and tangled, my daughter and I have had a steady argument going about her hair. Instead of busting out the brush each morning before school (we even have a special detangling brush for kids that's supposed to be painless) I look at her rat's nest, careful pat it down into three manageable chunks, and then I braid it. Done. The only time it's easy to wrangle her with a hairbrush is right after her hair has been washed and heavily ... read more


Healthy rainbow recipes for your whole family!

25+ Healthy Rainbow Recipes

Springtime is nearly upon us (wishful thinking?) and with Spring comes rain, and sunshine, and RAINBOWS! Since so many rainbow foods come in the form of freaky food colouring and all that junk, today I thought I'd celebrate the beautiful, natural, HEALTHY rainbow recipes that can be made with all ... read more